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Feedback collector helps you improve yourself and your team after every meeting by making it easy to share feedback.

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How it works

Easily share feedback with your team after a meeting or any other occasions. Free without any fee or supscription.

The Feedback App

Share feedback with your team to improve help improve themselfes. Learn what others think about you learn from them how you can improve yourself. You can also evaluate the meetings or share anonymous feedback.

Simply invite the Feedback Collector to your next Meeting invitation. Every participant of the invitation will be able to provide feedback to everyone and the meeting in general via the App.



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Learn more about the Kaizen Culture

Receive valuable input on a monthly basis about establising a feedback culture and above all, a culture of improvement.

We want to share with you the tips and tricks how you can achieve a company culture of where everyone can fully unveil his or her potential.

Easy to use features

The app provides features with the focus to be as simple to use as possible and integrated in the already existing workflows so that you don't have any additional hassles.

Email Integration

Add the Feedback Collector email address to your meeting invitation in your email tool

Functional App

Create feedback invitations for participants directly in the app by adding their email address.

Share Feedback

Share your feedback completely anonymous so that you don't have to worry about what you say.

Receive Feedback

Receive feedback from your collegues for every meeting in real-time and use it for your personal improvement.



The app's powerfull features is easy and intuitive to use for everyone.

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We got you covered, check those faq. If its not there just ask us.

Is this app free ?

Yes, the app is completely free and continually improved with the feedback you provide us.

How can I collect feedback?

Just add calendar@kaizenculture to your meeting invitation and participants will be able to provide feedback.

Is my name visible in the feedback?

The feedback you provide to others is anonymous. The recepients are not able to see the name.

How can I provide feedback?

Choose a feedback invitation and provide all participants feedback directly in the app.


What our users say !

Users love the app. Feedback Collector improved their business life in many ways.

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